Treating Difficult Fungal Toenail Infections


Fungal toenail infections can often be very difficult to completely eliminate, especially because the inside of your shoes is the perfect environment for the microbes that cause the infection to proliferate. Elderly people are more at risk for developing fungal and bacterial infections due to the decrease in immune response and increase in circulation problems that frequently accompany aging.

3 main causes of recurring fungal toenail infections

1)    Superficial treatment - Store bought treatments do not always fully treat the fungi. While symptoms may subside for a while, they often return requiring more aggressive treatment.

2)    Repeated exposure to the fungi - Ongoing decontamination of your footwear is essential to avoid new infections. Also, make sure that any shower you share with others at home is properly cleaned and decontaminated to avoid spreading.

3)    Weakened immune system - Elderly patients and those with diabetes and circulatory disorders are more susceptible to getting repeat fungal toenail infections.

Treating and preventing difficult fungal toenail infections

1)    Ask your foot doctor about cutting-edge laser therapy for fungal toenails. Oral prescription medications may also be helpful. Advanced infections may require surgery to remove the nail and treat the nail bed. A new nail will grow in after many months.

2)    Use antifungal spray and lotions on your socks, feet, and inside your shoes.

3)    Change your shoes every day and let them dry out between each wearing to help kill fungal spores.

4)    Wear shower shoes or sandals in locker rooms, public showers, and pool areas to avoid contact with fungi and bacteria.

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