Badly Bent Hammertoes May Require Surgery


When one or more toes becomes badly bent in the shape of a hammer, the pain can become unbearable, and corns often form on the top of the hammertoe where friction from your footwear can create stress and pressure on the toes.

Hammertoes are either flexible or rigid, and the type of surgery will depend on which type you have. Your foot doctor will realign the toe joints to limit the contraction. Once the toe is straighter, you are much less likely to have bothersome corns growing on top.

The two basic types of surgery to correct hammertoes are:

  1. Fusion—With this surgical procedure, the joint that is bent is physically removed, and the bones are fused together. They are held in a straightened position with the help of metal screws and other hardware. The ligaments and tendons surrounding the toe may also need to be altered to achieve maximum straightening. In the case of hammertoes that are still flexible, a tendon can be relocated from the top of the toe to the bottom of the toe.

  2. Resection—Mostly this procedure is used for rigid hammertoes that require the removal of the end of the affected part of the joint and reconstruction with hardware to hold it together.

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