3 Ways to Prevent Ingrown Toenails


Pain, redness, and swelling at the intersection of your toenails with the tender skin at the edge may be a sign that a nail is growing into the skin. This can be a very painful and debilitating injury and may lead to infection if left untreated.

Ingrown toenails usually begin from a toenail that was cut too short or on a curve, allowing the edge of the nail to push under the skin instead of over the top. Footwear that has too narrow a toe box, like pumps and cowboy boots, can contribute to ingrown toenail problems by forcing the toes into each other and against the inside of the shoe, and thereby pushing into the toenail.

Some individuals inherit the condition of overly curved toenails and are more susceptible to developing this condition, but by using the following 3 tips you can help stop ingrown toenails from happening.

3 tips for preventing ingrown toenails

  1. Correct cutting technique - Always cut your toenails straight across, and be careful not to cut them too short. Avoid rounding at the corners.
  2. Correct footwear - Your footwear needs to provide plenty of support and comfort while allowing room in the toe area for your toes to move around. Be sure you have about a half inch of room in the front of your longest toe to help prevent rubbing and pressure that may contribute to nails pushing inward.
  3. Daily foot inspections - When an ingrown toenail is discovered early it’s much easier to treat and you can help prevent more serious complications from occurring.

If you are experiencing ingrown toenail problems, schedule an appointment with your foot doctor. At Monroe Foot & Ankle, Dr. Elliott M. Perel treats a variety of conditions including diabetic foot problems, bunions, nail fungus, arthritis, and heel pain. Equipped with advanced technologies including shockwave therapy, MLS Laser treatment, and computerized gait analysis, Monroe Foot & Ankle Care provides specialized, high-quality service for patients across central New Jersey. For any problems you may be experiencing with your feet and ankles, contact our Monroe/Jamesburg office at (732) 521-2155 for an appointment.