How to Treat Diabetic Feet


Treating and preventing peripheral neuropathy and helping increase blood circulation are both essential to the proper treatment of diabetes and the resultant foot and ankle complications. Peripheral neuropathy results in a numbing sensation in the feet making it impossible to feel pain. Poor blood flow can slow down the immune response and healing process turning even a small cut into a serious infection requiring immediate intervention to prevent the risk of amputation.

Follow these diabetic foot care tips to help protect your feet and keep them healthy:

●     Daily foot inspections - Regular foot inspections are essential to proper evaluation and catching any problems in time to avoid complications. Carefully check for any blisters, rashes, cuts, bruises, or puncture wounds. Look between your toes, since this is an easily overlooked area that often is the site of infections. Check the soles of your feet, using a mirror to make it easier.

●     Injury avoidance - While it may be tempting to walk barefoot on the grass or at the beach, even a small scrape or cut from a seashell can create future problems. The rapid treatment of abrasions with antibiotics and band-aids is the best way to avoid potentially gangrenous infections and possible amputation.

●     Properly fitted and modified shoes - Shoes for patients with diabetes have extra comforting and supportive aspects including room for toe movement and the space for specially made orthotics that can provide increased cushioning, stabilization, and blister prevention.

If you are experiencing diabetic foot problems, your podiatrist is your ally, so make an appointment right away.  At Monroe Foot & Ankle, Dr. Elliott M. Perel treats a variety of conditions including bunions, nail fungus, arthritis, and heel pain. Equipped with advanced technologies including shockwave therapy, MLS Laser treatment, and computerized gait analysis, Monroe Foot & Ankle Care provides specialized, high-quality service for patients across central New Jersey. For any problems you may be experiencing with your feet and ankles, contact our Monroe/Jamesburg office at (732) 521-2155 for an appointment.