3 Causes of Stress Fractures in Your Feet


The pain from a stress fracture can come and go and be hard to pinpoint. The condition is often felt during specific movements of the foot and ankle, and your foot doctor can diagnose the problem during a physical exam and confirm the diagnosis with imaging studies. 

Stress fractures are very fine, hairline cracks in the bone that are caused by the repeated stress and pressure to the foot or ankle that comes with hard work, exercise, and sports. Osteoporosis and arthritis are also risk factors for having stress fractures. 

3 main factors that can increase the possibility of suffering a stress fracture to your feet or ankles include: 

  1. Increasing a new exercise routine too rapidly—If you are just starting on an exercise program, your bones, joints, muscles, and tendons need time to adjust before you start getting too aggressive with your workout, so gradually increase exercise intensity over a period of several months to help prevent injury. 

  2. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies—Bones require calcium and vitamins for proper growth to occur. Without the right nutrients, bones can become weakened increasing the chances of developing a stress fracture. 

  3. Improper arch support—Having stiff arches or flat feet means you are more susceptible to suffering a stress fracture. Have a computerized gait analysis done by your foot doctor to ensure that arch problems are properly corrected with orthotic inserts.  

Stress fractures can be hard to diagnose and treat properly. If you suspect that you have a stress fracture to your foot or ankle, see your podiatrist right away. At Monroe Foot & Ankle Care, Dr. Elliott M. Perel treats a variety of conditions including diabetic foot problems, bunions, nail fungus, arthritis, and heel pain. Equipped with advanced technologies including shockwave therapy, MLS Laser treatment, and computerized gait analysis, Monroe Foot & Ankle Care provides specialized, high-quality service for patients across central New Jersey. For any problems you may be experiencing with your feet and ankles, contact our Monroe/Jamesburg office at (732) 521-2155.