Why Do My Feet Feel So Hot?


The feeling of burning, tingling, and numbness (neuropathy) in the feet can range from minor discomfort to a severe sensation that keeps you up at night. Circulatory system problems like peripheral artery disease and varicose veins can create the sensation that your feet are burning and a wide variety of skin conditions can also cause these sensations.

While bacterial and fungal infections can be a major cause, it could also be that your feet feel hot because you’ve been on them all day for work and your feet are just plain tired. Since diagnosing the actual cause of burning, numbness, and tingling in the feet can be difficult you should see your foot doctor for an evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations.

Many conditions cause burning, tingling, and numbness in the feet including the following:   

  • Nerve compression

  • Athlete’s foot fungal infection

  • Charcot foot

  • Kidney infection or other kidney problems

  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome

  • Not getting the right vitamins and minerals

  • Thyroid conditions

  • Neuropathy from diabetes

  • Immune system problems

  • Chemical and toxin exposure

  • Lyme disease

If the burning sensation started quickly and lasts for several days or longer it could be the sign of a serious issue that may lead to a permanent loss of feeling in the feet. If you are experiencing complications with burning feet, see your foot doctor for the proper diagnosis and treatment. At Monroe Foot & Ankle Care, Dr. Elliott M. Perel treats a variety of conditions including diabetic foot problems, bunions, nail fungus, arthritis, and heel pain. Equipped with advanced technologies including shockwave therapy, MLS Laser treatment, and computerized gait analysis, Monroe Foot & Ankle Care provides specialized, high-quality service for patients across central New Jersey. For any problems you may be experiencing with your feet and ankles, contact our Monroe/Jamesburg office at (732) 521-2155.