Treating a Sprained Ankle


An ankle sprain usually occurs suddenly and without warning from taking a bad step while crossing the street or from rolling over your ankle in a fall. When the ligaments, tendons, and other formative tissues around the ankle become suddenly stretched and stressed, the pain can be mild or severe depending on the force applied during the injury. You can treat a minor sprain at home, but more complex sprains should be evaluated by your foot doctor to help prevent any complications in the future. A poorly treated sprain is more likely to incur another injury, so take ankle sprain treatment very seriously for the best outcome.

Symptoms of an ankle sprain:

●     severe swelling

●     pain and bruising around the ankle area

●     inability to carry weight on your foot

Sometimes a sprain occurs with a stress fracture or break, making an accurate diagnosis more complicated. Your foot doctor may need to do imaging studies such as x-ray and MRI to detect a stress fracture or soft tissue injury.

Treatments for an ankle sprain

●     RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)

●     Cast or immobilizing boot

●     Crutches will help take the weight off the foot

●     Strength and flexibility exercises after initial healing is complete

For proper recovery from severe ankle injuries, always seek treatment from your podiatrist. Your doctor will help you develop a physical therapy recovery regimen to slowly increase the muscle strength and tendon flexibility without causing further injury.

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